Capital Campaign
January 2023
Church Family,
It is such a blessing for our church to be planted where we are. We are in many ways, a beacon of hope for this community. It is a privilege to have a building that many different groups are able to use. That being said, having a building also means regular maintenance and with that comes the accrual of costs. Over the years, the church has done some big changes to the building and the most recent was the current layout done in the early 2000s.
As we look ahead, we will need to raise some capital funds to help cover costs. To put it plainly, we are in need of $400,000. This brochure highlights some of the big ticket items that make up the majority of the $400,000 that we are wanting to raise. We are not wanting to piece meal a capital campaign, but we want to be honest with you that we need $400,000 to get these projects done. A majority of these funds will be used for paying off the loan, fixing the roof, fixing the parking lot, and replacing the HVAC. Anything left over will be placed in Trustee contingency funds for projects. We cannot prioritize remodeling the church at this time, although that would be nice. If the church wants to do a couple of projects, the Trustees would be more than happy to enter into that discussion as there are some remodel items on the table.
We appreciate you praying with us as we raise these funds and thank you for helping us to reach our goals. If you can commit financially to giving any amount to help us reach our goal, that would be a HUGE blessing. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.
-Capital Campaign Team Pastor Josh, Joanne Frisius, Kathy Moore, Craig Shelton, Dave Warren
To Give DIRECTLY to the Campaign you can go here: 
You can also Text a donation. To use this feature text       any amount CAPITAL to 84321. [Example: $20 Capital to 84321] First time you do this it will run you through some set up. After that it is easy to give with texting! Standard message and data rates may apply.
This roof has seen better days. It is in the greatest need of being replaced. Some parts of the roof are over 30 years old while other parts are just over 20 years old.
Currently, it is living on borrowed time. It needs to be replaced as there are some soft spots and several leaks that we have recorded over the past several years. These soft spots and leaks need to be addressed as they will continue to get worse and cause bigger structural issues and damage.
It is in rough shape. Most roofers who have looked at it have said that we need to replace the roof now. We had roofers out in January 2023 to evaluate some of the leaks causing issues in the Gathering Room/hallway and they have reiterated that the roof needs to be replaced. They were able to patch a temporary fix over a small hole found in the roof, but it is only a matter of time before it all needs to be replaced.
Replacement of this roof will be labor-intensive and expensive. Our prayer is that some members of our church community would be willing to help us remove the shingles to help cut down on overall costs of replacing the roof.

Our parking lot needs to be replaced. We fixed one sinkhole in the Spring of 2022. There is also another one present at the south side of the parking lot by the tree. Speed bumps will be added to prevent ‘cookies’ and rubber marks.

The parking lot needs to be replaced—patching areas will not fix the problem. As seen in the photos, there are rough patches and uneven surfaces throughout the lot. The curbs need to be fixed and a fresh coat of paint is needed. We want to make it safer and we want to continue to make a good first impression for our visitors and to the community.

The sign will also be updated when the parking lot is redone.