Always Moving

Hey Everybody! It’s been a little while…

Where They’re At

I got to go back to college today, and I learned a lot. Although, maybe not as much as I should have; some things never change.

Grab a Peace

Lately I’ve come to realize the amount of things in my life that just add to the everyday noise. Seemingly, what I am really searching for is peace for my soul and my ears, but all I keep getting is noise.

Where You Belong

Do you ever feel like you are out of place? Just not where you belong?Just waiting around for the next thing?

Get Up!

The more and more I engage with scripture I realize I am a lot like Peter.


By nature, I’m a procrastinator. Making plans and preparations for anything is not really my kind of thing.

I’ve Got Nothing

Do you ever just feel like, “I’ve got nothing.” Well, if you haven’t you probably will at some point.

Waiting Around

According to the calendar it’s March, and for me that always means two things: college basketball and spring time.

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Running on Empty

Is your gas light on? No, not your car’s gas light, but the one that tells you that you, yourself, are running on empty.

Greedy God

It’s Tax Time! I know probably not as nice of a welcome as wishing you a happy Lent last week.