Our Story

Since its inception, Park Place  has always had a focus on ministering to its community…
Tracing its roots back to December 14, 1942 when 13 members founded the church in Portland, the church has a heritage of faithful disciples following God’s call to minister where they live. Having no church building, the members would meet where they could in the Portland area for weekend services with weekly meetings taking places in several homes spread across the area. Also, in hopes of reaching their different communities, the members of the church would hold Sunday Schools in various locations.
One such location was the old, unused Park Place Community Church building in the Clackamas Heights area of Oregon City. With a vision of serving the young families returning from World War II, the church focused upon the work God was calling them to in this small corner of the Portland-metro area. And, in 1948 official recognition was given of the work being done, officially establishing the Clackamas Heights Holiness Methodist Church with Ms. Helen Dodd serving as pastor. During this time the church’s focus remained upon serving the families of the community, especially the young children.
The next 18 years were filled with many challenges for the church, and it was in 1966 that a motion was filed to discontinue the ministry. However, the motion was denied with instructions to give one last effort to ministering to the community. A new pastor was appointed and since that time the church has been faithfully ministering to the Park Place community. There have been challenges along the way, but it was apparent then and is now that God has great plans for the Park Place community, and we believe our church is called to be a part of showing God’s love to this community, Oregon City, Portland, Oregon, and the world.