Mask Update 5/2021

UPDATED MAY 15, 2021
With the recent mask guidelines from the CDC and the Governor lifting of mask guidelines for businesses, the leadership of the church is moving forward with a new recommendation for our church body.
First I want to say thank you to everyone for continuing to support Park Place Church during this time. I firmly believe Park Place Church is stronger and more connected today than we have been in many years. It is such a joy to see so many people supporting, loving, and welcoming people in our church community and neighborhood during the past year.
It has been a struggle to balance all the news, state guidelines, and what is a good option for our faith community. Thank you for being gracious to church leadership as we do our best to lead this amazing church community to the best of our abilities. 
Park Place Church leadership is recommending in light of guidelines and the comfort level of many in our congregation, that we respectfully wear masks in common places only. Once you are seated, if you are comfortable doing so, we are no longer asking for masks to be worn at that point. 
We feel this is a good first step for the church and will be adjusting this as people get more comfortable with no masks in the pews. This has been a long time of mask-wearing and we need to slowly and lovingly go back to life without masks.
Any way we approach this issue, we must understand that there will always be different levels of comfort and perspective. As your pastor, I never want to see any of this cause division among us. I also feel it important to mention that there should be NO MASK SHAMING at all. If people want to wear a mask all the time that is fine. I want people to feel comfortable in our church and welcome. This is a great step forward for us.
I also want you all to know that Park Place Church will not be checking for the vaccine status of anyone. We should recognize this as a personal decision to vaccinate or not. 
Again starting this Sunday we are asking for masks to be worn in common places and once at your seat, you may remove your mask if you are comfortable. There is no shame if you want to have a mask on at your seat. I want to encourage us to continue loving each other well. 
We can’t wait to be with you tomorrow, either in person or on the live stream!

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